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3 new brands to love from the New York Baby Show

Posted by Natasha D'Anna on

Did you ever think about preparing for your baby during pregnancy by attending a show? Or how about preparing for your babies next stage by listening in on a panel of specialists? Well, that’s what the New York Baby show is all about!

We were excited to attend the baby show this year, with baby Bash in tow. A little different from last years mission, but there was another mission to be accomplished …. and will continue to be as we learn more at each amazing baby show.

This year we worked the floor in search of some of our favorite things for baby and parents. I had the privilege of being lead by my 10 month old and his love for food. He has just began to eat different foods and as they’re introduced to his sweet little palette he has not met a food that he didn’t like so far.

Our favorite brands from the show included two baby food companies. One based in Brooklyn NY; first spoons

-“First Spoons” are cooking up organic natural chicken nuggets made with vegetables at the softest texture. I was able to allow Bash to handle the small pieces himself and let his 4 little teeth do all of the work. The other baby food company we loved is based on a sweet little farm.

-Bash tested “Once upon a farm” a live video taping with Mary of Downtownchicmoms hosted by momtrends in the blogger lounge..

Of course we also had V & K in mind, because as stated before… the show is for all stages of parent and childhood.

-The brand “Stuck on you” was a perfect fit for us! As you may know having g/g twins can be a challenge when they have the same likes and dislikes. Our favorite item from the brand was the PERSONALIZED snack box. Not only is it beautifully designed with your name ….which is a must for most siblings, but it also teaches major food groups within the washable, removable tray.

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