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Summer endings and fall beginnings sans storms

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Are you in the middle of transitioning from summer to fall EVERYTHING?!

We are just getting in the groove of schedules, routine and fall fashion; and Thanks to the summer sun for hanging around... it's happening slowly.

We spent some time in Palm beach Just before hurricane Irma hit Florida and the Caribbean. We are so happy to hear that damage was minimal to our home away from home but saddened to see the results of the natural disaster on other beautiful places that others call home.

There's always clear skies at the end of the rainbow and road maps to bring everything back together.

As we wind down into Fall mode we'd like to wish everyone a speedy recovery with 3 practices of motivation.

1. Starting over can bring new opportunities

2. A Fresh start keeps our eyes wide open

3. A team that builds together grows together

ZARA kids, Old navy style

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